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Whatever level, or instrument you play, or want to play,

we have the right lesson for you!

Lets get playing!
Singing lessons in Edinburgh

Singing lessons

Violin & Cello lessons in Edinbugh

String lessons

violin, viola & cello

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Piano Lessons in Edinburgh

Piano lessons

Flute lessons in Edinburgh

Woodwind lessons

Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute & Recorder

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Guitar lessons in Edinburgh

Guitar lessons

Drum lessons in Edinburgh

Drum lessons

Online Music Lessons

Contact us to book online lessons.


We can offer all of the above lessons online via Skype as well as at our studios. Here are some tips for setting up Skype lessons to make lessons as effective as possible:


  • Access to the internet.

  • A device such as a laptop, tablet or phone with a built-in camera.

  • The Skype app which can be downloaded from Itunes or Google Play

  • Somewhere to place the device during lessons such as a music stand, a table or chair. 

  • Your musical instrument!

Optional extras:

  • Sheet music or other materials recommended by the teacher. If you don't have a printer, you can view PDFs on the device you're using for the online lesson or another device.

  • Headphones can improve the sound quality and can often solve problems with feedback and echoes.

  • An external microphone (often included with headphones) can also improve sound quality.

  • A tripod or stand for your device will allow more control over the angle that you'll be viewed for the lesson. Changing the angle of the camera can also help your teacher to see your hands, e.g. when playing the piano.

Set Up:

Finding the perfect set-up can take some time at first but once you've figured it out it takes only seconds before a lesson starts. The best set-ups are when teachers can clearly see your face, your instrument and your hands at the same time. 

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